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La Preferita formt seit 1955 Produkte von höchster Exzellenz, hergestellt aus sorgfältig ausgewählten Rohstoffen und der Weisheit handwerklicher Kunstfertigkeit.

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Weisser Kaffee-Eiscreme-Kuchen

La Preferita White Coffee was born as a reinterpretation of traditional coffee with the use of the ancient infusion technique. The infusion technique makes it possible to bring out all those delicate notes that are very often hidden by the roasted taste or excessive roasting of traditional coffee paste. Thanks to this process, the paste will also gradually take on a slightly darker colour. The coffee comes from Guatemala, an area characterised by high-quality production and a terroir that gives the product a full body, a rich cocoa flavour and a caramel-like sweetness. The coffee paste is also characterised by the inclusion of whole beans and the addition of roasted and finely ground coffee powder always of the same quality which hydrates and enriches the lighter notes of the coffee and gives a long persistence to the taste.

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Cremino gelato Praline Haselnuss und Mandarine

A raw paste with 65% Italian hazelnuts and caramelised sugar to flavour ice cream, fill cremini, traditional pastry products and produce ice cream cakes and parfaits.
A ripple with a fresh and fragrant flavour enriched 20% by the presence of the Mandarino Tardivo di Ciaculli produced in Sicily in a Slow Food presidium. A mandarin with very few seeds, very sweet, juicy and with a fine peel. It lends itself to various applications: ice cream decoration, inclusion in cakes and parfaits.

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The fruit of Sicilian origin was chosen, raw, and is processed immediately after shelling so as not to lose any of its precious characteristics of taste and aroma. The product is not roasted. After refining it retains a raw, whole appearance due to the use of unpeeled almonds.