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A story
in time

Since 1955 La Preferita is making the history of italian gelato
Our quality meets the most sophisticated needs, interpreting the products of the gelato and pastry tradition e full and intense e flavors.

Ingredients creating masterpieces.

Masterpiece underlines the artistic component in the relationship between la preferita and the gelato/pastry chef.

With this metaphorical image, elegance, beauty and uniqueness are amplified, creating an emotion that raises the passion of a research that encloses the excellence of la preferita.

A fine art selection

History, expertise on raw materials, technologies and an innovation process certified by a panel of certified judges: these are the key strengths in developing La Preferita products.

Tradition is still an essential component, in particular for classic pastes, to create customers’ favorite flavors.

🟤 Sensorial profile Nocciola 1957


1957 Family


La Preferita 3000 Hazelnut

PGI Piedmont Hazelnut

Aurum Italia Hazelnut

Other dried fruit pastes

Other Hazelnut pastes




Taste connects us with our emotions.
this is why we want to create flavors delivering emotions. there are two trends for gelato all around the world:

for excellence

Excellence meanss

This is the certification of the core of our range testifies and extreme attention for the customer. Thisis our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Together with Italian Excellence Institute Certificate. We share a project of promotion of the excellence of the Italian production.

Thanks to this cooperation we have launched an activity to improve our expertise as a company and as professionals to be able to describe the sensory profile of our products through a process based on scientific methods.

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