Pistacchio 1957:
From La Preferita’s ancient receipts Pistachio 1957 returns, the company’s original formula, prepared with the same raw materials and procedures of the time. Flame toasted in the original roaster and dusted with sweet salt from Cervia, stone minced and refined at a cold temperature with no sieving. A trustworthy product, bold and persistent that has at its roots stable qualitative characteristics – tradition and the secrets of a keen selection of raw ingredients and the artisan preparation method.

Pistacchio Aurum:
A pistachio that focuses on the wise strength of choosing the best raw materials. A blend of pistachios coming from different corners of the world, separately toasted, considering various aspects such as provenance, humidity, fruit dimensions … A task of precision and knowledge that few companies in the world can manage, but in La Preferita, secrets are handed down for tradition and passion. The final result is a pistachio with a balanced assortment of strong and persistent flavour.

Vaniglia naturale Bourbon:
A vanilla in paste form completely natural, extracted from Bourbon beans, a sauce enriched with free range egg yolks and a pinch of salt, like in ancient recipes. A reoccurrence of the antique flavour, to use alone or as a completion to other flavours, for a total personalization of your gelato.

Cioccolato San Martin Perù:
A fruited chocolate, for a chocolate sorbet that contains only mono-origin chocolate, at a 60% in powder and drops, from plantations in San Martin Peru. Simple and quick to prepare, with a universal flavour and a delicate colour to distinguish it from regular dark chocolates.

Mandarino tardive di Ciaculli (late tangerine ripple from Ciaculli):
An Italian specialty that couldn’t miss in our product range. The unique flavour of a rare, bright, sweet and sour Italy, a flavour of Sicily. To combine with flavours like the pistachio pesto, pure almond, chocolate and the bourbon vanilla for exclusive receipts.

“Speciale” 100 neutra Base:
A neutral flavour base, with no fats and aromas, with the total neutrality characteristics that differentiates the “Speciale” variety. It is a base filled with fibers, with an exclusive use of carob, guar gum and sunflower lecithin. White milk colour, creamy texture, Speciale 100 neutral base aims to remain extremely clean at the palate in order to exalt excellently our pastes.

Frozen Cake

Semifreddo veloce 150:
A powder product for a simple use for the creation of frozen cakes with whipping cream with no artificial ingredients, with a clean taste or to be flavoured with our pastes. Also suggested for mousses that must be kept in the fridge for days.

Premiate salse

Cocoa, hazelnut, pistachio, caramel, milady and eggnog (zabaione) With the exception of the eggnog, these are all sauces on an oily base, filled with creaminess and flavour. Real bottled sauces to variegate, that express all our capacity to create unique and exceptional products. The range encloses around our six notorious flavours, where we know we can give our best of our tradition.


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