Around our hard shell we built a complete line

The taste of our history, made from excellence and tradition.

A selection mindful of the product’s territory of origin. Delicate artisanal working. The unique flavour of one of Italy’s top products of excellence.

The “la Preferita” hazelnut, the world’s most famous. A delicate yet strong clear taste.

The best value for money Italian-only hazelnuts.

If you have chosen us for the quality of our hazelnuts, you will surely appreciate all our Hazelnut product range.

True chocolate at its best.

The distinct and natural taste of uncompromising quality.

Only free range eggs. No palm oil, only sunflower oil. With sunflower lecithin.

Slow processing to retain all the fruits’ original natural flavour.

The best natural flavourings in unique and flavourful products.

A range of completely natural bases for traditional gelati with top window-display performance.

A wide and top quality range. Palm and coconut oil free. Tasty crunchy products.

A scrumptious range of natural products to decorate your gelato. Unique classic brittles and stracciatellas, always delicious and contemporary