Only free range eggs. No palm oil, only sunflower oil. With sunflower lecithin.

Our almost-artisanal products want to offer a flavour experience. We have been in this field since the last century always staying true to our philosophy, and in many cases even to our traditional methods.

A little outdated and slow perhaps, but truly unique methods. We do not try to surprise our customers but rather to prove how tradition is an added value. The word “traditional” is definitely part of our vocabulary.


Classic Pastes in glass jars

Our egg-base pastes come in glass jars assuring the highest product quality. We use only eggs laid by free-range chickens, not only because of their superior quality but also to stay true to our traditions. This is how we did things
in the past century and that is how we still do them today. Why not use the glass jar to store  our hazelnuts and brittles? Our label will be the seal of your quality.

Paste tradizionali in vetro

Classic Pastes in tins

Classic old-style pastes, made with several manual artisanal steps and still using our original and traditional equipment. This is how we make our classic pastes, to offer you a unique experience every time you open one of our packets. Our “Speciale” pastes are the pastes that we have been making since the very first day.

Paste tradizionali in latta 1

Paste tradizionali in latta 2