Access the reserved area for La Preferita’s partners.

 Access is reserved for Comprital spa and La Preferita’s costumers.

Augmented Reality

La Preferita opens a direct dialogue with customers by integrating augmented reality into communication.

What is
augmented reality

Augmented reality is a new technology that allows anyone with a smartphone to open a portal of content to interact with in their environment. By simply framing the QR code and launching the content, users can enjoy an experience that enhances and enriches reality. Augmented reality transforms the customer experience because it connects the physical and digital worlds, turning every touchpoint into an immersive discovery that excites, engages, informs and creates a new channel of relationship between brand and customer.

The benefits of
a connected pack

With augmented reality, La Preferita brings the pack to life and provides timely information to its customers at the moment of greatest interest, that is, when they are using the product. By framing the QR Code on the pack, customers will be able to access exclusive content, interact with Comprital Athenaum chefs and ice cream makers, receive advice, and more.

Augmented reality makes available to the customer:

Frame the QR CODE and experience augmented reality now!